HRTEMHigh-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
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Meanwhile, the synthesized Mn-TG end capped PCL was characterized by FTIR, NMR, HRTEM and AFM like analytical tools.
Caption: Figure 2: TEM of bulk MoP and HRTEM of bulk MoP (inset).
The FESEM and HRTEM morphology images of the hybrid nanoparticles are presented in Figure 4.
The authors acknowledge the help extended for the use of TEM and HRTEM facilities in Chemical Engineering and CRNTS funded by the DST through Nanomission and IRPHA schemes.
In the HRTEM image (Figure 1(b)), the marked lattice distance of 0.304 nm can be assigned to the (0712) crystal plane of CGSe, which is in agreement with the XRD peak located at 28.8[degrees].
Figure 1(d) shows the high-resolution TEM (HRTEM) image of the CDs which reveals that the CDs had a size distribution around 2.2 nm.
Figure 2(b) is a representative HRTEM image of a single cuboctahedral Pt NC.
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) images of the pre-sulfided catalyst were obtained with a JEOL 2010 transmission electron microscope operating at 200 kV with 1.9 A point to point resolutions.
M., "HRTEM Study of Diesel Soot Collected from Diesel Particulate Filters," Carbon, Vol.
High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy visualization (HRTEM) was carried out to determine the morphology and the particle size of the AgNPs.
HRTEM image of 4LMP-LVP/C in Figure 3(f) shows that the particle surface is fully coated with amorphous carbon layer.
The microstructure of 0.1 Ag-[Cu.sub.2]O/GO nanocomposite is further investigated by HRTEM. As shown in the HRTEM image (Figure 3(c)), Ag-[Cu.sub.2]O interfaces are clearly observed and the observed interplanar spacings of 0.25 and 0.24 nm will correspond to the (111) lattice planes of [Cu.sub.2]O and Ag, respectively, confirming that Ag nanocrystals are successfully anchored on the surfaces of [Cu.sub.2]O.