HTMSHope This Makes Sense
HTMSHigh-Throughput Mass Spectrometry
HTMSHightower Trail Middle School (Marietta, Georgia)
HTMSHis Thai Majesty's Ship
HTMSHigh-Tech Management School
HTMSHigh Tech Manufacturing Services
HTMSHelen Tyson Middle School (Springdale, AR)
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The error model is established by MBS theory and HTM in the above section, and the volumetric error model can be assumed as Y = f([x.
The newly delivered HTMS is designed to provide expressway users with timely traffic information during inclement weather and when accidents occur.
HtM consumers have a high marginal propensity to consume out of transitory income changes, which could account for the high correlation between consumption and the transitory component of income growth, even for anticipated income shocks.
For kinematic variations, the superposition is accomplished by multiplying the HTMs of each component.
HTM 2030 Washer Disinfectors, HTM 2010 Sterilizers, HTM 2031 Clean Steam are being replaced and will be superseded by HTM 01-01 Decontamination of Reusable Medical Devices, which is currently being developed in four parts:
The HTMS consists of two components: the first involves the identification of HIV/AIDS trials from electronic bibliographic database sources which include PubMed/ MEDLINE, EMBASE, and AIDSearch, as well as from 'hand searching' non-indexed journals and conference proceedings.
115 only debt securities that an entity has the positive intent and ability to hold to maturity qualify for the HTMS category.
Spatializer's HTMS 2510 Stereo Surround Sound System: Woodland Hills-based Spatializer is best known for developing technology that emulates multispeaker 3D sound - the kind you need six speakers for in many home theater setups - using two ordinary speakers.
travel agency services for the needs of employees of edf sa, Its french subsidiaries (cerga, Cham, Citelum, Dalkia, Dunkirk lng, Edelia, Edev, Edf insurance, Edf en, Edf fm services, Edf im solutions, Edf pei, Edf trading logistics, Edvance, Electricity of strasbourg, Enedis, Gas opal, Gcf, Gss, Htms, Hydrostadium, Ifopse, Netseenergy, Perfesco, Protertia, Safidi, Sofilo, Shema, Socodei, Sodestrel, Sofinel, Sowee, Znr batteries ) and its foreign subsidiaries (including edf luminus).
The HTMS will be installed on Sri Lanka's Southern Expressway between Colombo, the capital, and Galle, a distance of approximately 95 kilometers (km).
Tuck-ins included data conversion services company, FutureVision Technologies (for $20-60 million, depending on performance); payer consulting company, HTMS (for $11-25 million) and Chapin RCM, a hospital-focused tech-enabled outsourcer (for $19-27 million).