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HCHitman: Contracts (video game)
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HCHors Concours (French: out of the competition; a participant ineligable to win prizes)
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HCHuntington's Chorea (hereditary progressive neurodegenerative disorder)
HCHwa Chong
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HCHousehold Claims Screen
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Huffman code is often incorporated at the quantizer output in order to decrease the bit rate.
According to Table 1, if the values V and V' belong to the same category C, lengths of both Huffman code and VLI code do not change.
[N.sub.i] denote the lengths of Huffman code words, [eta] = [H.sup.[xi]](A)/[L.sup.[xi]](A) is the efficiency code, and v = 1-[eta] is the redundancy of the code.
Huffman code uses a prefix-free code that is a bit string representing some particular points but is never a prefix of any other points.
Case 3: When using adaptive scan and huffman code. Case 4: When using adaptive scan and Q-coder.
Key words and phrases : Sampling, Sparsity, Compressed Sampling, Huffman codes
"01"(01 for Arabic letters) take Huffman code. "10"(10 for Arabic prefix) take Huffman code.
Two important fixed-to-variable length coding schemes are the Shannon code and the Huffman code. While Huffman has already known that the average code length is asymptotically equal to the entropy of the source, the asymptotic performance of the Huffman code is still not fully understood.
The second algorithm searches on a plain Huffman code and is based on a word-oriented Shift-Or algorithm [Baeza-Yates and Gonnet 1992].
VLCs and VLIs both are codes with variable lengths, but VLIs are not Huffman codes. An important distinction is that the length of a VLC (Huffman code) is not known until it is decoded, but the length of a VLI is stored in its preceding VLC.
Message hiding Module Step 1: Input StackList and apply Huffman coding by supposing that all words have equal transfer probability; Step 2: Assign one Huffman code to each word, for the sender, go to next step; for the recipient, go to Step 4; Step 3: Choose a word whose Huffman code is matched with the binary stream of Bits; Step 4: Choose a Huffman code whose word is matched with current state; Step 3: Push the chosen word into UsedWordList and output this word as current state; Algorithm details of Module 3 are shown as above.
The Huffman code is the most widely-known prefix code and is minimal in that it provides the best compression of any prefix code applied to a fixed dictionary [5].