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XOExecutive Officer
XOChristo (Latin: To Christ, epigraphy)
XOExtra Old
XOXanthine Oxidase (enzyme)
XOCrystal Oscillator
XOTurner's Syndrome (disorder)
XOeXtra Ordinary
XOHug and Kiss
XOExtremely Old
XOExcess Officer (US Military humor)
XOCrossover Track (railroads)
XOExpenditure Order
XOGenetic Code for Turner's Syndrome
References in classic literature ?
But please hug and kiss me, everyone, and don't mind my dress.
According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the defendant sexually molested the secretary by groping her breast and attempting to hug and kiss her.
I've been watching them hug and kiss her, and it's just so heartwarming,'' Hailey said.
Too impatient to wait their turn, the rest of the boys and girls rushed up together to the Pope's chair, jostling each other so they could get their chance to hug and kiss him.
Dubai A Bangladeshi watchman faces six months in jail for attempting to hug and kiss a woman in public before stealing her mobile phone and running away.
She got a hug and kiss, her daughter sat in her lap.
Ruthie walked slowly to the balcony and stood there beaming as one of her sisters yelled out ``there, she is,'' and they all ran to hug and kiss her.
Everywhere we went in the countryside, old farmers would hug and kiss him.