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The first part of the hukm as mentioned in ayat 12 of this Surah Al-Hujuraat which says: "O you who believe
Mystical styles of expression among North Indian faqir: Nara as a manifestation of hukm.
The issue of who is a martyr preoccupied early Islamic thinkers, and entire volumes have been written on the subject known as Hukm al-Shahadah (Rulings on Martyrdom).
Baz, Hukm Musharaka al-Nasara fi A 'yadihim, http://www.
But fa-nazalu 'ala hukm rasuli liah sl'm in the following sentence reads "The Jews surrendered unconditionally.
He cited the fatwa of the late Saudi Shiekh Hammud al-Shuaibee and his 165-page book entitled, "al-Qawl al-Mukhtar fee Hukm Istanaa al-Kufar, (Edicts on Consulting Apostates).
79) The rhetorical escalation reached its pinnacle in May 2003 with the publication on the Internet of Nasir al-Fahd's infamous risala fi hukm istikhdam aslihat al-damar al-shamil didd al-kuffar [Letter about the Ruling on the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction against the Infidels].
6-8: The use of hukm probably anticipates the usage of the later Basran Mu'tazila.
Beyond the practical information of date, mint, and issuer, Kharijite and Ibadi coins contain inscriptions, such as la hukm ilia li-lah ("No judgment except God's"), that convey the sectarian identity of the coin issuer.
Idhd ja'a al-hadith 'an al-nabi (s) bi-isnad sahih fihi hukm aw fard amiltu bi-l-hukm wa-l-fard wa-adantu Allah la'dla bihi, wa-la ashhadu anna al-nabi (s) qala dhalika: Ibn al-Farra' provides the isnad for the transmission of this book from Ibn al-Athram: it was written in the hand of Abu Hafs al-'Ukbari from Ibn al-Athram's copy and transmitted to Ibn al-Farra by Abu Hafs 'Umar b.
Walid Saleh's careful edition of al-Aqwal al-qawima fi hukm al-naql min al-kutub al-qadima, by the Qur'an commentator Abu l-Hasan Ibrahim b.
105) Perhaps tellingly, al-Juwayni said that the precedent of a local qibla amounts to, not is, certain knowledge (fa-innahu fi hukm al-yaqin).