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HUKSHokejowy Uczniowski Klub Sportowy (Polish: Pupils' Hockey Sports Club)
HUKSHelsinki University Knowledge Services (Helsinki, Finland)
HUKSHunter-Killer Submarine
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KERGUELEN, MARK BOAT reports last call from Cymena freighter(Gayer Tong Huk & Co.
Ramos left the Huks in December 1945, joining the police force in the time of then Gov.
Lansdale bucks the bureaucracy, ignores protocol, and cultivates a deep understanding of the country, its people, and the grievances igniting the proto-communist Huk rebellion.
As a successor to the Huk communist rebellion, the NPA which was founded in the time of Ferdinand Marcos lost its opportunity to conclude a waning rebellion under the five presidencies that followed.
One factor that links the armies that fought against Spain, the United States, and Japan during the years of 1898 to 1945, to the Huks of the 1940s and 1950s and the NPA since the 1960s, is their geographic origins on Central Luzon.
The Huks who now blocked Nellist's way were led by a squat man wearing jeans and a castoff US Marines blouse.
On this question, she not only seems at different times to accept both sides of the argument, but also tosses two other possibilities into the ring--that the Huks were remobilised after the war by 'former' PKP leaders, and, bizarrely misconstruing another scholar, that the rebellion was a phase in the peasantry's prolonged struggle 'to undermine' the PKP's revolutionary role.
114) The program helped to sway peasant sympathies away from the Huks and enticed active members to return their allegiance to the government.
I respect Quezon's position, not only because his grandmother Aurora Quezon was assassinated by the Huks in 1949, but even more so because his work is shaped by a deep understanding of Philippine history.
He camped out on their trail and waited for the Huks.
Twelve years after his death, the peasant leader and Huk founder Luis Taruc has been inducted into the nation's hall of heroes.
After the war with the revival of nationalism in the 1960s and the rise of the Cultural Revolution in China, the Communist Party was reestablished along Maoist lines in 1968 and the New People's Army was founded by Bernabe Buscayno alias Commander Dante in 1969, drawing many of its members from the former Huks who had fought the Japanese during the Occupation.