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Texas A&M at Qatar is supporting this human capacity development by engaging young students through exciting learning opportunities such as Engineering Heroes so that they choose careers in science and engineering.
The Japanese side informed the Pakistani side that Japan is enhancing the assistance in the area of human resource development in order to contribute to the industrial development of Pakistan in terms of human capacity development as well.
To better serve the growing agricultural needs of the country and become self-sustaining as the country moves towards the developed classification, a qualitative study was used to explore current efforts of human capacity development in the formal/mainstream education system in Trinidad and Tobago.
The two leaders inked a host of agreements in numerous fields, including industrial relations; antiterrorism and security; poverty alleviation and human capacity development; cultural exchanges and trade; and narcotics and agricultural development.
The project aims to increase human capacity development for pharmaceutical manufacturing, co-development and prequalification of key medicines against priority endemic diseases, including TB, anti-malarials and antiretrovitals.
The collaboration reflects the support that our research focus areas receive while enabling knowledge and human capacity development in the country.
For his part, Cao expressed China's interest in supporting initiatives in energy, mining, industrialisation, infrastructure, agriculture, human capacity development and security, among others.
Mr Bowers highlighted the growing diplomatic, social and economic relations between Britain and the Kurdistan Region, pointing out that a large number of Kurdish students are now pursuing their graduate study in the UK through the KRG's Human Capacity Development Programme (HCDP), and that UK companies have now made significant investments into the oil and gas industry in Kurdistan.
However, there are real opportunities for cooperation in human capacity development, so the post seeks ways to engage its host-country counterparts and promote gradual transformation.
Between 1989 and 2003 he made significant contributions towards human capacity development for the MAGIC gamma-ray experiment in La Palma, Spain, a large atmospheric imaging Cherenkov telescope.
We run 25 human capacity development programs in ICTs and related fields.
These two measurements are interconnected, particularly as society moves further into the postindustrial knowledge and information age where economic success heavily depends on investment in human capacity development. In this study, the authors provide an overview of a broad range of existing measures that go beyond gross domestic product (GDP) to offer a more complete and accurate picture of how a society and its economy are faring.
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