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HCIHuman-Computer Interaction
HCIHuman Capital Institute
HCIHuman Computer Interface
HCIHyper-Converged Infrastructure (virtual computing)
HCIHwa Chong Institution (Singapore)
HCIHuntsman Cancer Institute
HCIHealth Care Informatics (various organizations)
HCIHealth Communications, Inc (publishing)
HCIHealth Care Industry
HCIHost Controller Interface
HCIHaut Conseil à l'Integration (French: High Council for Integration; est. 1989)
HCIHealth Care International (various locations)
HCIHuman Capital Investment
HCIHealth Care Improvement
HCIHuman Concern International (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
HCIHuman Computer Interaction
HCIHuman Company Integration
HCIHandgun Control, Inc. (est. 1974; formerly National Council to Control Handguns)
HCIHunt Consolidated, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
HCIHuman Capital Index
HCIHealthy Community Initiative (various locations)
HCIHonda Canada, Inc. (cars)
HCIHot Carrier Injection
HCIHamilton Center, Inc. (mental health center; Terre Haute, IN)
HCIHome Computing Initiative (UK government DTI)
HCIHealth Care Insurer
HCIHarmonised Competitiveness Indicator
HCIHyperspectral Imaging
HCIHome City Ice (Cincinnati, OH)
HCIHarrison Career Institute
HCIHighly Charged Ion
HCIHlas Cez Internet (Slovak: Voice over Internet)
HCIHandgun Control, Incorporated
HCIHotel Corporation of India
HCIHealth Care Integrator
HCIHardware Configuration Item
HCIHome Center Institute
HCIHuman Centered Informatics
HCIHansa Chemie International (Switzerland)
HCIHardness Critical Item
HCIHuman Computer International
HCIHydrologic Consultants Inc (Lakewood, CO)
HCIHorizon Crossing Indicator
HCIHighly Coercive Interrogation
HCIHigh Current Interest
HCIHealth Care on the Internet (journal)
HCIHartzog & Crabill Inc. (Tustin, CA traffic and civil engineering)
HCIHost Communications Interface (layer just above the network protocol stack)
HCIHardware Computer Interface
HCIHarmony Careers International
HCIHealthcare Consultants International (Skokie, IL)
HCIHaveman Computer & Internet
HCIHanford Capsule Initiative
HCIHuber Consultants International
HCIHorizontal Center of Impact
HCIHorizontal Contracting Integration
HCIHospitality Consultants, Inc. (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
HCIHorizon Clinicals Infrastructure
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They see the work of cites in the future encompassing community building and a new "fourth-wave" of local economic incentives which focus on local/global links, telecommunications, and human capital investment.
The wide range of topics means that no single topic, even the core question of the impact of union bargaining on human capital investment, is analyzed in depth.
A number of cross-country studies suggest that the Pakistani aggregate human capital investments, measured by educational performance, are low relative to other countries of similar per capita income levels.
Thus, the payoff for human capital investment for the mixed race group is much lower, and they are left with a much greater unexplained differential.
The left-hand side of (2a) is the marginal benefit of current period consumption by generation-t and the right-hand side is the corresponding marginal cost measured in terms of the loss in the next generation's wealth due to a reduction in human capital investment in children.
The authors explore the possibility that workfare programs, which require beneficiaries to work on local public works projects in order to receive benefits, could increase the opportunity cost of schooling, lowering human capital investment even as incomes increase due to increased labor demand.
"Given its young population and demographic structure, the focus on human capital investment is appropriate.
Mariam Al Ali, Emiratisation Manager, Mashreq said, "At Mashreq, we believe in human capital investment, which ultimately contributes to sustaining development of the country.
Tamkeen was set up as part of the Economic Vision 2030 to implement labour market reforms through facilitating talent competencies amongst Bahrainis, enterprise growth, improving policies and standards as well as human capital investment.
However, it is possible that unmeasured human capital investment may be the source of what many macroeconomists call the "labor wedge." (8) The labor wedge is the unexplained gap in the intratemporal condition of the standard growth model (which equates the marginal rate of substitution between consumption and leisure and the marginal product of labor).
(2007), "Skilled Migration, FDI and Human Capital Investment", IZA DP No.
where [t.sub.y] and [[OMEGA].sub.y] denote the first-period wage tax and the lump sum tax, respectively, s denotes a unit subsidy to human capital investment, and [beta] is the subjective time discount factor.
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