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A team was formed within the DFAS Human Capital Office to study the requirements of the certification and collaborate with DoD to prepare for implementation.
In addition to the important areas already receiving priority attention by the Council, our work suggests that the Council should ensure that as it moves forward, its efforts address agencies' need for guidance, assistance, knowledge, and leading practices in several other key crosscutting areas such as (1)developing the capabilities required for successful implementation of human capital reform, (2) strategic human capital planning, and (3)transforming the human capital office and its processes to more fully contribute to key agency decisions.
For example, GPO reorganized the human capital office into customer-focused teams devoted to meeting the human capital needs of GPO's operating units.
The executive branch agencies GAO reviewed have taken key actions to integrate their human capital approaches with their strategies for accomplishing organizational missions and to shift the focus of their human capital office from primarily compliance activities to consulting activities.
Nearly half of the planned activities involve collaboration between the civil rights and human capital offices. DHS said that it modified the dates because of staffing shortages.
Human capital offices have traditionally used alternative service delivery (ASD)--the use of other than internal staff to provide a service or to deliver a product--as a way to reduce costs for transaction-based services.
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