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HER2Human EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) Receptor 2 (oncology)
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In groups 2 and 3 SSCs were cultured in knockout DMEM medium supplemented with recombinant human GDNF 10ng/mL (Peprotech), recombinant human LIF 10ng/mL (Peprotech) and recombinant human EGF 20ng/mL (Sigma).
The human EGF gene has been copied in the barley which then produces its own EGF that has the same activity as the growth factor found in skin.
But the available evidence leads the scientists to propose that reversal of memory loss occurs when clumps of beta-amyloid proteins are either prevented directly from "docking" with the human EGF receptor, or prevent phosphate groups from attaching to the receptor, a process called phosphorylation.
Serum TNF-[alpha], EGF and IL-6 assays were measured by means of an enzyme immunoassay kit (Biosource human TNF-[alpha] ultrasensitive ELISA, human EGF ELISA and human IL-6 ultrasensitive ELISA kit, Biosource International Inc.
The accumulation of pro alpha 1(I) and pro alpha 2(I) mRNAs and the transcriptional activity of these genes were determined in human skin fibroblasts in order to investigate site(s) of regulation of type I collagen production by human EGF in the absence and presence of L-ascorbic acid 2-phosphate (Asc 2-P), a long-acting vitamin C derivative.
A BLAST (11) search performed with human EGF against the non redundant (nr) mycobacterial protein database at the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) (Table 2), showed a sequence similarity (Expect Value 0022) with a short segment of a putative multidrug resistance pump protein (NCBI RefSeq accession number NP_302390).