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HGMPHuman Genome Mapping Project
HGMPHatchery and Genetic Management Plan
HGMPHuawei Group Management Protocol (computing)
HGMPHauraki Gulf Marine Park (New Zealand)
HGMPHoly Gardens Memorial Park (Philippines)
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The Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre is funded by the UK Medical Research Council to provide bioinformatics and biological services to the UK academic community.
In biology, the data files of the Human Genome Mapping project are made available to participating scholars.
While its Medical Research Council (MRC) in principle opposes patenting gene tags, MRC filed for patents on some 1,100 tags in August 1992 as a defensive response to the NIH filing, says Keith Gibson, head of MRC's Human Genome Mapping Project in London.
The accomplishment will ehlp researchers working on the federally funded human genome mapping project -- a task so massive that molecular biologists often compare it to the Apollo moon landing.
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