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As part of the missions of the EPA and NIOSH to protect human health and the environment, this solicitation requests research proposals that address potential health and environmental concerns of nanomaterials using the best science available, in keeping with the missions of the NSF and the other agencies.
Although humans have been aware of the crucial relationship between human health and the environment for millennia, there still is a tendency to separate health and environmental issues and deal with them independently.
This is needed to more effectively target research that will reduce risks to both human health and the environment.
Others include a commitment to use and produce chemicals in ways that don't harm human health and the environment by 2020 (including an effort to increase developing countries' access to alternatives to ozone-depleting chemicals by 2010), restoration of fisheries to maximum sustainable yields by 2015, reduction of desertification and development of food security strategies in Africa by 2005, and a commitment to increase developing countries' access to modern energy services.
In summary, the workshop discussions recognized the great value and potential that "omics" has for improving toxicology, epidemiology, risk assessment, and the protection of human health and the environment but cautioned that the technology should be validated and applied according to the principles of toxicology and epidemiology.
The mission of the ITRC is to achieve the highest international standards in toxicologic research to ensure safety to human health and the environment and to help regulatory agencies in prescribing safe limits of chemicals.
Some health care facilities, recognizing the links between human health and the environment, are implementing precautionary plans of action to improve their environmental performance.
The change was intended to protect human health and the environment against unreasonable risks from PCBs by providing cost-effective and environmentally protective disposal options that will reduce exposure to PCBs by encouraging their removal from the environment.