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Human Life International is a Virginia-based organization founded in 1972 by Father Paul Marx whose reputation relies upon shock tactics and ultra-conservative decrees.
The pit-bull of this labyrinthine assemblage is the Population Research Institute, which was set up in 1989 by Benedictine priest Father Paul Marx, who at the time was president of Human Life International.
En el tema de la homosexualidad, Human Life International mantiene la posicion del Magisterio de la Iglesia Catolica que distingue entre el pecado, o sea el acto homosexual --el cual siempre debe condenarse--, y el pecador, es decir, el que comete tales actos, al cual hay que mirar siempre con misericordia y amor, ya que es un ser humano creado a imagen y semejanza de Dios y por quien Cristo ha dado su vida.
Between the release of Human Life International and Alliance for Life, the Supreme Court of Canada handed down its own charity law case.
Greg Clovis, of anti- abortion group Human Life International, said: "The idea of Mifepristone as a contraceptive is horrific.
In addition, more than 100 representatives from conservative and anti-choice organizations--including the International Right to Life Federation (a Rome-based coalition), Opus Dei, Human Life International, and the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute--lobbied government delegates in an effort to derail the Programme of Action.
Pro-Life Action League (Joseph Scheidler); American Life League (Judie Brown); Human Life International (Father Paul Marx, O.
Human Life International, de la cual se han derivado tendencias mas radicales que han llegado incluso al asesinato, es su principal contacto laico.
At its 1994 convention in Irvine, California, the extremist anti-abortion group Human Life International (HLI) vowed to establish itself in every province of Canada before its next convention.
Human Life International, a Catholic group that describes itself as the world's largest "pro-life/pro-family" organization, with fifty-eight branches in forty countries, has opened offices across the former Soviet Union.
While the report stopped short of including abortion as a "universal right," Brian Clowes of the Catholic organization Human Life International warned that such a demand is an inevitable next step, telling LifeSiteNews: "What is to stop the UNFPA from declaring that abortion is a basic 'human right,' as they have already attempted to do several times, especially in light of the relentless UN drive to legalize abortion all over the world?
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