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Lagos residents will not relent in the use of all legitimate means to demand for the human right to water to be fully upheld as an obligation of the government, representing the people,' he insisted.
On the human right to water, the CESCR has stated that these organizations should "cooperative effectively with States parties, building on their respective expertise, in relation to the implementation of the right to water at the national level" (4).
68) In the United States, California has recently enacted its own "Human Right to Water Bill," and water shutoffs in Detroit have increased calls for recognition of the human right to water domestically.
While protesters continue to use the human right to water as a "rallying call" against privatization, international law does not prohibit the use of privatized water distribution systems.
adopt a human right to water, in addition to recognizing the right to
It's been nearly five years since countries in the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly voted to recognize the human right to water and sanitation," reads a press statement.
It is alarming to see that the human right to water and sanitation continues to be marginalised in UN policy discussions.
United Nations experts have called them a "violation of the human right to water and other international human rights.
The Blue Planet Project, Detroit People's Water Board, Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, and Food & Water Watch have made a complaint to the United Nations against the US government for its failure to protect the human right to water and sanitation in Detroit.
Speaking on 17 February (just before the European Parliament's hearing on the subject), he said the confusion between the organisation of water services and the human right to water was regrettable.
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