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Human Rights Watch interviewed five defectors who had either been members of the RSF or other government forces.
Human Rights Watch interviewed more than 100 survivors, members of victims' families, law enforcement, security officials, and independent experts for the report.
Human Rights Watch interviewed children who fought with the Free Syrian Army, the Islamic Front coalition, and the extremist groups ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, an Al-Qaeda affiliate, as well as the military and police forces in Kurdish-controlled areas.
Human Rights Watch interviewed 47 workers in 21 factories, including some that are being inspected by the Accord and the Alliance, in late 2013.
Human Rights Watch interviewed 177 refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants in various locations in both Bulgaria and Turkey.
For the report Human Rights Watch interviewed 37 Eritrean victims and drew on hundreds of interviews conducted by nongovernmental organisations in and outside of Egypt as well as on statements by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) relating to its interviews of hundreds more.
The five people whom Human Rights Watch interviewed had been involved in protests held in front of the city municipal
Of the 62 workers Human Rights Watch interviewed, 12 reported physical abuse from employers, supervisors, or recruiting agents.
Human Rights Watch interviewed 73 migrant construction workers for the report, and met and corresponded with government officials, employers, contracting companies, recruitment agents, diplomats from labour-sending countries, and worker advocates.
"On April 12, Human Rights Watch interviewed 20 soldiers in Sana'a who gave their ages as 14, 15, and 16, and said they had been serving in the army for one to two years," said the report.
Human Rights Watch interviewed other East Jerusalem residents whose homes were partly or completely demolished in three separate incidents on October 27.
Human Rights Watch interviewed 73 high school students and teachers who have attended or were conscripted in secondary schools in Eritrea between 2014 and late 2018 and who now live in exile in Sudan, Ethiopia, Italy, and Switzerland, as well as 18 Eritrean and international experts to examine the abusive nature of national service and its impact on young people's access to secondary education.
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