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HTATHuman Trafficking Assessment Tool
HTATHuman Terrain Analysis Team (US Army)
HTATHighest Tolerable Ambient Temperature (thermal science)
HTATHolding Time at Temperature
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From RC-East Afghanistan, three articles discuss the development and operations of the Regional Information Fusion Center from network targeting to the incorporation of a Human Terrain Analysis Team.
to analysts focused on governance and development, corruption, negative and positive influencers, atmospherics, as well as a Human Terrain Analysis Team (HTAT).
These articles present perspectives from a deployed division level human terrain analysis team in Iraq; application of the geo-statistical forecasting model to SSRA survey data; the correlation of universal drivers of human conflict with the counterinsurgency strategy, and language and communication strategies when gathering and interpreting data in a multilingual society.
Additionally, the human terrain analysis team can provide detailed information and analysis pertaining to the socio-cultural factors involved in the operation.
When reliable data is not readily available for analysis the TCE, in collaboration with the IJC Human Terrain Analysis Team (HTAT) may develop and implement a field research project to gather primary source data.
Human Terrain Analysis Teams (HTATs) were created to support the Division/MEF level commands.
Human Terrain Teams (HTTs) and Human Terrain Analysis Teams (HTATs) composed of individuals with social science and operational backgrounds, acquire operationally relevant understanding of local populations through interviews and interaction with individuals within that local population in a commander's area of operations (AO).
More recently, Human Terrain System (HTS) Human Terrain Teams (HTTs), Human Terrain Analysis Teams (HTATs), the Research Reachback Center (RRC), and the Social Science and Research Analysis (SSRA) capability have provided commanders and staff the ability to visualize and understand both the green and white layers.
Additionally, despite the Army's best efforts to field Human Terrain Teams (HTTs) and Human Terrain Analysis Teams (HTATs), we knew that we would not have an HTAT when we arrived in theater and did not know when one would come to our headquarters, if ever.
Human Terrain Analysis Teams assist with socio-cultural research and analysis.
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