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The dog's prosocial, or positive, behavior toward the child is a sign of well-being for both members of the team, said Udell, who is director of the Human-Animal Interaction Lab at OSU.
This grant is instrumental in moving my research and the field of human-animal interaction forward to evaluate the contribution of pets to healthy aging.
Kogan, Granger, Fitchett, Helmer, and Young (1999) conducted a study with two students with EBD to investigate the effect of human-animal interactions on students' behaviors and voice expression.
2006) at slaughter where there is high human-animal interaction especially in less commercial abattoirs with little machinery available.
The research reviewed above demonstrates both physiological responses (stress-buffering effect) and psychosocial improvements as a result of human-animal interaction.
How animals affect us; examining the influence of human-animal interaction on child development and human health.
A growing area of research into the human-animal interaction addresses the role that animals can play in the development of young people.
Austin (2004) suggested that most of the evidence supporting the human-animal interaction is anecdotal, but others have pointed to trends toward more careful scientific research on the subject (Hooker et al.
I was delighted to hear Randy Barker's review of research on human-animal interaction, and I was especially struck by his call for research into "communication between and among faculty and students when pets are present.
Besides allowing pet ownership, the facility regularly hosts groups such as Greenhill Humane Society and Willamette Wildlife Rescue - and therapy cats such as Cassidy - to encourage human-animal interaction, Oxenreider said.
A Scottish study, presented at the 10th international conference on human-animal interaction, found that absenteeism through illness was significantly lower among pet-owning children, with five to seven-year-old children, with pets at home attending school for three more weeks.
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