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HDHHotel Dieu Hospital (Ontario, Canada)
HDHHenrico Doctors' Hospital (Richmond, VA)
HDHHolland Dozier Holland
HDHDillingham Airfield (north shore of Oahu near the community of Waialua)
HDHHerrera, Davis, Holland (bullpen pitchers; Kansas City Royals; Kansas City, MO)
HDHHDLC Distant Host
HDHHumidification-Dehumidification (desalination method)
HDHHawaii Department of Health
HDHHigh Dollar Hooker
HDHHarper Dennis Hobbs (UK)
HDHHis Divine Holiness
HDHHarry & David Holdings (Medford, OR)
HDHHome Dear Home
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A comprehensive review is provided in [9] for the solar-driven humidification-dehumidification (HDH) desalination technology by discussing different performance parameters and psychometric coordinates.
In solar humidification-dehumidification (SHDH), solar energy is used to heat sea water, which results in the humidification of air.
After overviews, they cover passive solar thermal energy, solar desalination with a humidification-dehumidification process, solar photovoltaic reverse-osmosis, fundamentals and case studies of technologies powered by wind energy, experience with geothermal water treatment from Poland, and solar disinfection as low-cost technologies for clean water production.