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HVFHotel Villa Fontaine (Japan)
HVFHuman Volunteer Force (fictional group)
HVFHeavy Vehicles Factory (Avadi, Chennai, India)
HVFHigh Voltage Fuse
HVFHope Valley Farms (Southwestern Durham, North Carolina, USA)
HVFHumphrey Visual Field
HVFHigh-Value Food
HVFNorth Atlantic Harvestfish (FAO fish species code)
HVFHydraulic Velocity Fuse
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Visual field loss was defined as glaucoma hemifield test result outside the normal limits and three points abnormal at the 5% level in one hemifield on the pattern deviation plot of a Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer.
Inclusion criteria for healthy adults (Group B) included age between 20-65 years, no evidence of pseudoexfoliative material at the anterior lens capsule and/or at the pupillary margin, IOP less than 21 mmHg at three different successive measurements, open angle, normal optic disc and Humphrey visual field tests and no family history of glaucoma.
The Humphrey visual field test is historically based on the original Goldmann points and the central points are not set where early glaucoma can occur.
In this current study, 84 eyes of 52 patients were analysed and an attempt has been made to analyse RNFL changes on OCT and visual field defects on Humphrey visual field analysis.
The following preoperative characteristics were noted: age, sex, race, lens status, diagnosis, history of prior aqueous shunt surgery, IOP, Snellen VA, cup-to-disc ratio, Humphrey visual field (HVF) mean deviation, presence of split fixation based on HVF testing, and number of quadrants with split fixation.
Inclusion criteria for group A was, an IOP more than 22 mmHg on at least two diurnal curves, open angle, glaucomatous optic disc, at least two Humphrey visual field tests confirming glaucomatous defects and OCT optic nerve head with good image quality.
In the anthocyanins group, mean best-corrected visual acuity (p = 0.008) and mean Humphrey Visual Field test (p = 0.001) improved significantly.
For me, the minimum essential pieces of equipment that optometrists must have is a Goldmann applanation tonometer and Humphrey visual field analyser--both tools are the standard in the hospital eye service.
Caption: Figure 3: Correlation coefficients for the MD from the Humphrey visual field analysis with the cpRNFL and GCIPL sectoral parameters by OCT in glaucomatous eyes at different stages.
Pre-operative assessment included visual acuity using a Snellen chart, slit lamp examination, intraocular pressure measurement using Goldmann applanation tonometry, fundus examination (Cup disc ratio), gonioscopy and perimetry with Humphrey visual field analyser.
After careful search of national literature, we found that no study has been conducted to compare the TOP with either Normal strategy or other strategies of Humphrey visual field analyzer.