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HURIHarvard Ukrainian Research Institute
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the data in Table-2 indicated that the soil EC in Berani, Usman Shah Huri, Tando Adam and Oderolal area zones was 2218, 1989, 2434 and 1221 S cm-1 (FAO: 0-3000 S cm-1), pH value 8.
Como ya se advirtio, para realizar el estudio del adjetivo calificativo en la obra de Julio Florez, se eligio el siguiente corpus de poemas: "Primavera", "Idilio eterno", "Invierno", "La huri del pescador", "Himno a la aurora", "La gran tristeza", Flecha roja, "Aurora", "Medio dia" y "Mis Flores negras".
As the last two words of the novel, Ka Huri (spread the word), ritually extends an invitation to engage in dialogue, it might make a difference to arrive at Grace's novel and its wharenui with the expectation that once cultural "difference" is respected and acknowledged, it may also be both enjoyed and debated.
Berrin Gunduz (1), Belgin Erhan (1), Merih Saridogan (2), Nurgul Elbasi (3), Huri Ozdogan (4)
The Lebanese-Syrian expedition working in al-Nabi Huri, in Ephreen area, discovered the city's fence during the Byzantinean and Islamic eras.
Nabeel Al Huri said his brothers have been arrested and released many times, after one of their brothers was killed in Iraq three years ago.
Barcelon: Institut de ciencies politiques i socials, 1994), , De Winter, Lieven, Tursan, Huri (eds.
Kathmandu, May 3 -- Huri Sherpa of Listi, VDC in Sindhupalchowk is a simple local farmer but his sense of innovation is amazing.
This is clearly amplified by the following proverb: "Unaki hwemukadzi huri pamwana".
De una amiga suya, dice: "Tan partidaria de la mujer libre, gorda como una tetera, suave, con ojos de huri, con trenzas negras, con manos y pies delicados y pequenos, con tobillos finisimos, que no se como sostienen tanto culo.