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Since Joaquin is moving slowly "a catastrophic situation may unfold" in the Bahamas "with a prolonged period of intense hurricane conditions," according to www.
Oil prices are again expected to spike this week as supplies from the Gulf of Mexico are being disrupted by Tropical Storm Isaac and hurricane conditions regularly hamper output in the summer in the US.
Through the Voice over IP (VoIP) platform, Alteva will provide redundancy in two backup locations to ensure safe and secure access to communications functions, as well as serving as a precautionary measure in of light impending hurricane conditions in Tampa.
Puerto Rico is also set to provide hurricane insurance for selected projects, indemnifying production companies against direct expenses incurred as a result of hurricane conditions.
These measures go a long way toward minimizing damage common with heavy rain, hurricane conditions or winter storms.
Hurricane conditions ripped off part of the roof at the new stadium of St Helens.
The Minerals Management Service estimated that 2,127 of the 3,800 total oil and natural gas production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico were exposed to hurricane conditions, with winds greater than 74 miles per hour, from Gustav and Ike.
Among specific topics are the flushing of Louisiana's coastal bays under hurricane conditions, Puget Sound Operational Forecast System as a real-time predictive tool for marine resource management and emergency responses, overland tidal power generation using a modular tidal prism, and coupling a high resolution hurricane storm surge model to operational weather and ocean predictive systems.
The hurricane centre set a hurricane watch andndash; meaning hurricane conditions are expected in the area within 36 hours - from Grand Isle, Louisiana to Mexico Beach in northwestern Florida, but did not include the city of New Orleans.
New windows were put through the wringer--power-tested with high-pressure hoses and vacuums, to simulate hurricane conditions.
We believe that at least 40 percent of named storms will cause tropical storms or hurricane conditions on the U.