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The defiance of these women, and the willingness of others to assist, strongly suggests that, although the church regarded marriage as a binding contract between husband and wife, the English people were not as willing to embrace this point of view.
The official marriage rite of the ELCA (in the LBW and accompanying manuals) says that the couple "by their promises bind themselves to one another as husband and wife." This presents a different view from the one implicit in Matthew 19.
The data were restricted to dual0earner couples in which both the husband and wife were aged 25 to 64 at the time of the survey, and both were wage and salary workers with positive earnings in the year preceding the survey, 1992.
Erickson begins with what many scholars think they know about gender and early modern laws regarding property: that it favors men primarily through primogeniture, which confers land on an eldest son, rather than dividing it equally among heirs, or granting it to the eldest child, even if female, and through coverture, which she defines in her glossary as "the common law fiction that a husband and wife were one person and that one was the husband; she being figuratively covered by him, she had independent legal identity at common law for purposes of civil, and to some extent criminal, suits" (237).
Total (TOTALLI), individual (INDLI), and group (GRPLI) life insurance data are available for both the husband and wife These variables are the dependent variables in the analysis.
Disagreement on role enactment refers to degree of perceived disagreement between husband and wife regarding performance of distribution of role duties between husband and wife.
The police told the man that if the couple had lived together at least six months, making them common law husband and wife, they couldn't do anything.
The Emirati husband and wife are said to be fighting a divorce case in court and the children are currently staying with their father at his residence in Hatta.
The truth is that both husband and wife don't have to behave like this deliberately.
The Pope responded to this crisis of faith by first, presenting the positive truths of God's plan for conjugal love, responsible parenthood, and the dignity of husband and wife, which these truths celebrate and protect; secondly, he appealed to people of good will--many of whom were weak in their faith or lacked it altogether--to reflect on the inner logic of the consequences that would flow from the approval of contraception.
Countryman's diary reveals a debate between a husband and wife about how best to cope with the financial panic and their respective duties in this endeavor.