HUSIHarvard Ukrainian Summer Institute
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Mikole z Husi will be placed on the pavement at the tour to the court 3 type underground containers for sorted waste (1x 3m3 container, 2 x 5m3 container).
Estudio observacional descriptivo de los casos recibidos en el grupo de patologia perinatal del Departamento de Patologia del HUSI.
Previous approval by the Research and Institutional Ethics Committee of the San Ignacio University Hospital (HUSI) (record 2013-57), data of electronic medical records were collected and analyzed of all patients that underwent brachial plexus block using the approaches described for surgeries of the distal humerus, the elbow, the forearm, the hand at the HUSI between 2011 and 2012.
One of them was a reference center for cancer (INC), and four of them had an oncology/hematology ward (INC, HUSI, HSJ, HMC).
Husi Food Co the meat processor which has been shut down in China for mixing and repacking expired chicken meat and beef with new expiry dates had been supplying meat until recently to a multinational food chain in Pakistan.
For companies that have absolute raw material control, they get top priority and have a selling point around food safety,'' Dennis Zhang, general manager of Husi Foods, OSI's Chinese operation, told The National Provisioner, a trade publication.
Husi H, Stephens N, Cronshaw A, MacDonald A, Gallagher I, Greig C, et al.
suspended sales of chicken nuggets in Hong Kong, and the company's Japanese arm has halted imports of all chicken products from China after a television report of food mishandling by Shanghai Husi Food, owned by Illinois-based OSI Group, reports Reuters.
Shanghai police detained five people on Wednesday, including the head and the quality chief of Shanghai Husi Food, a supplier to foreign fast-food brands including KFC, McDonald's Corp and coffee chain Starbucks Corp over allegations it supplied out-of-date meat.
The scare has ensnared chains including McDonald's, KFC, Burger King and Starbucks, all of which got ingredients from a unit of OSI in the region called Husi Food Co.
Yum and McDonald's both said they have stopped using meat products purchased from Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd, a local unit of OSI, and were investigating the matter, according to statements posted on their official Weibo microblog sites on Monday.