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HUTTHull-To-Torrent Transmitter
HUTTHead-Upright Tilt Testing
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According to Casley's Aide-de-Camp, Lord Steve Balkie, it is in the best interest of both Hutt River and Australia to formally recognize the principality's de facto independence.
Ms Hutt set out nine principles for how the sector should carry out tendering for services, from being professionally resourced to delivering "community benefits" and supporting the economy.
Hutt is also charged with carrying on a business with intent to defraud creditors.
Of the content, the fairly muted criticism is tribute to the fact that Ms Hutt has once again managed to pull off a Budget which manages not to upset too many people - which, given the tight financial constraints, is probably as good as can be hoped for.
He hoped Ms Hutt would see how the force's WAG-funded schools liaison programme and other schemes are good value for money, and tell her colleagues.
The inquiry heard that, on October 19 last year, whilst on a routine visit to the kennels of Hutt, stipendiary steward Alex McTaggart noted that the GBGB-licensed kennels were now occupied by a greyhound rescue agency.
Hutt, now 60 and still a regular at the Galpharm, made his Town debut as a 19-year-old in the fourth-round clash with West Ham at Leeds Road.
The Toyota driver might have lost control because she was suffering a medical emergency, Hutt said.
A 24-year-old Canadian medical officer named William Hutt walked softly, very softly, along a deserted road outside the town of Ceprano.
He later assumed the title of His Royal Highness Prince Leonard I ,Sovereign of the Hutt River Province Principality -population 12.
While we will continue to point out the problems and deficiencies, we should now back Jane Hutt in her attempts to reverse the decline.