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HVDCHigh Voltage Direct Current
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We identified potential advantages and disadvantages to adding transmission lines and using HVDC technology.
It receives most of its power from the mainland through two HVDC links that transport 700 megawatts of electricity.
The Matiari-Lahore High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line project will be completed as per the plan, said a spokesman of the PPIB here.
The Maritime Link HVDC project completed, will enable the exchange of clean, reliable electricity between the Islands of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in the North American grid, said a statement from ABB.
Release date- 26082019 - Siemens has been awarded a contract to deliver two converter stations for the first high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) link between Great Britain and Denmark.
[ClickPress, Mon Aug 19 2019] HVDC cables transmit high voltage direct current over long distances, as they are more efficient than HVAC technology at this task.
The P-Laser qualified cable system employs a Prysmian in-house developed material, called HPTE (High Performance Thermoplastic Elastomer) with proven enhanced characteristics, namely increased thermal performance, higher intrinsic reliability and greater productivity, making it the best solution for HVDC transmission lines at the highest voltage levels.
This report analyzes and forecasts the HVDC cables market at the global and regional level.
In this Project, the system to be delivered uses Voltage Source Converter (VSC) High-Voltage Direct Current Transmission (HVDC)(2) power transmission technology, enabling interconnection between systems with different frequencies implemented by converting alternate current into direct current.
First high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line project of Pakistan, which will be 878 kilometres long, extending from Matiari to Lahore, has achieved a financial close.