HVENHalo Video Exchange Network
HVENHigh Voltage Electricity Network (Latvenergo; Latvia)
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This is a remarkable book, a brave and enthusiastic attempt to rekindle interest in and rehabilitate the so-called Hven Chronicle, a short Danish prose narrative dating from 1603, which as long ago as 1889 Wolfgang Golther dismissed as 'ein danisches gelehrtes Machwerk'.
Beyond that, however--and this is surely the most controversial claim in his book--Andersen believes the whole work is a satire on the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601), who built Uraniborg Castle and his observatory Stjerneborg on Hven, holding the island as a fief for twenty-one years (from 1576 to 1597), exactly the same length of time that elapsed between Kremild's marriage to Siegfried at Worms and her death on Hven (p.
Indeed Brahe visited Kassel in 1575, just before founding his own observatory on the island of Hven, and may have derived the design of some of his own instruments from those he saw in use there.
Granada provocatively suggests that the rivalry between Kassel and Hven made Rothmann's visit tantamount to espionage, although another factor may have been Rothmann's medical needs.
What, if anything, is left of Tycho's Stjerneborg on the island of Hven? Of Galileo's telescopes?
The buildings on Tycho's island of Hven were razed.
The contract was signed by the CEO of Sunir Bahman Salehi and the managing director of Armenia's High Voltage Electricity Network (HVEN) Aram Ananian in Tehran.
Like Prospero, Tycho also surrendered his ancestral estate to a younger brother before relocating, with his renowned library, to Hven. But Tycho did more than read on the island.
He established Uraniborg, Europe's first national observatory, on the Baltic island of Hven in 1576 with support from Frederick II, the Danish king.