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Experimental results demonstrate that HGA is a robust hybrid evolutionary algorithm to search the global optimum or sub-optimum solutions within reasonable computational time.
This first round of experiments includes four well-known benchmark functions, on which the proposed CRO is comparatively assessed with respect to different hybrid evolutionary algorithms described in [43].
(2003)], we presented a hybrid framework, DAFHEA (a dynamic approximate fitness based hybrid evolutionary algorithm) to address this issue.
Recent acceleration in the trend of optimization using different evolutionary optimization algorithms (EAs), namely, simulated annealing (SA) [31], pattern search, genetic algorithm (GA) [32], particle swarm optimization (PSO) [33, 34], and hybrid evolutionary algorithms [35-40], can give an easy answer to this simple yet unaddressed scenario.
Section 2 introduces the related work to hybrid evolutionary algorithm. Section 3 elaborates the proposed hybrid GAPSO approach as well as a brief explanation of how the binary tree is built.
have proposed an efficient hybrid evolutionary algorithm based on combining ACO and SA (simulated annealing algorithm, 1989 [6]) for clustering problem [7, 8].
This paper extends our previous work [1] where we proposed a linear programming guided hybrid evolutionary algorithm to address the wheat blending problem.
Wong and Ngan [13] proposed two hybrid evolutionary algorithms with Lagrangian relaxation technique to minimize the makespan in AJSSP.
For the researches on the effectiveness of optimization algorithms, most methods make use of multi-layer nested or hybrid evolutionary algorithms [1-3] to build a combinatorial optimization model for solution to the operation scheduling problem.
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In order to attain better results, some researchers tried hybrid evolutionary algorithms [18-21].
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