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HSZHigh Security Zones
HSZHydrate Stability Zone (geology)
HSZHeeressportzentrum (Austria)
HSZHrvatski Savez Zadruga (Croatian: Croatian Association of Cooperatives)
HSZHellenic Subduction Zone (geology)
HSZHigh Signal Zones (neurology)
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These hydrates exist in a layer of underground rock or oceanic sediments called the hydrate stability zone or HSZ.
Beneath the hydrate stability zone, where the temperatures are higher, methane is found primarily in the gas phase mixed with water and sediment.
But the stability of the hydrate stability zone is climate-dependent.
Two known hydrates sites were examined by the Gulf of Mexico Hydrates Research Consortium for suitability for a seafloor station to monitor changes in the gas hydrate stability zone.
The sands were there just as expected but we found free gas and water rather than hydrate in the hydrate stability zone," said Tom Williams, Vice President with Maurer Technology Inc.