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HDSHitachi Data Systems
HDSHarvard Divinity School
HDSHonda Diagnostic System
HDSHydrodesulfurization (petroleum industry)
HDSHistory Data Service
HDSHéroes del Silencio (rock group)
HDSHistorical Diving Society
HDSHigh Definition Systems
HDSHigh Definition Sound
HDSHolographic Data Storage
HDSHamilton Depression Scale
HDSHitachi Data Systems Solutions
HDSHazardous Devices School
HDSHarry Dean Stanton (actor)
HDSHistorical Data Server (Cisco)
HDSHarvard Design School
HDSHighly Dispersible Silica
HDSHardware Design Specification
HDSHierarchic Dementia Scale
HDSHydrostatic Design Stress
HDSHybrid Dynamical System
HDSHis Divine Shadow (LEXX series TV)
HDSHachette Distribution Service (Lagardère SA)
HDSHealth and Diet Survey
HDSHarbor Day School (Corona del Mar, CA)
HDSHardware Diagnostic Suite
HDSHard Disk Subsystem
HDSHalon Distribution System
HDSHybrid Dynamic Simulator
HDSHierarchical Design System
HDSHybrid Decision Support
HDSHuman Designed Systems, Incorporated
HDSHigh Day Service Hour
HDSHeteroschedastic Database System
HDSHome Digital Solutions (various companies)
HDSHead of Defence Sales (UK Ministry of Defence; now Head of Defence Export Sales)
HDSHigh Frequency Directional Finding Subsystem
HDSHigh-Speed Digital Switch
HDSHartley Data Service, Inc. (Glenview, IL)
HDSHousing Dining Services (various schools)
HDSHigh Definition Scanning (3-dimensional laser scanning)
HDSHerbal Dietary Supplement
HDSHead of Democratic Services (UK)
HDSHelp Desk Support (information technology)
HDSHealth Delivery System (various organizations)
HDSHalf Day Sightseeing (tours)
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Differential fraction-based kinetic model for simulating hydrodesulfurization process of petroleum fraction.
The conventional reaction model of hydrodesulfurization of diesel fuel and fuel oil does not work effectively in the ultra-deep desulfurization range down to sulfur content 100 ppm or less.
Chiyoda joined a research project sponsored by the "New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization "(NEDO), & "Japan Petroleum Energy Center" (JPEC), and has investigated titania catalyst for ultra deep hydrodesulfurization of diesel oil.
However, if PEMEX does not make available to Pemopro the Coking Naphtha Treatment plant (unit 21) and the Turbosene U-500 Hydrodesulfurization plant (unit 140) by the first week of January for continued work, then there is a possibility the June 26 completion date may not be met.
Headwaters anticipates that ebullated bed hydrocracking, fixed bed catalytic hydrodesulfurization, coking, and solvent de-asphalting technologies could all be impacted by successful commercialization of HCAT.
The Questor investment is the critical component of our financial restructuring that will stabilize Carbide/Graphite's financial condition and provide us with the capital needed to complete the previously announced hydrodesulfurization project for our needle coke affiliate, Seadrift Coke, L.
Foster Wheeler's scope includes a new hydrodesulfurization unit with 180 cubic meters per hour throughput, designed to reduce the sulfur content of a gasoline blending component to seven parts per million weight, while minimizing octane loss.
The Company had been exploring the possibility of a new credit facility to fund the construction of a $30 million hydrodesulfurization (HDS) complex for its needle coke affiliate, Seadrift Coke, L.
The new facility comprises two units: a 32,000 barrels per stream day (BPSD) sulfur hydrogenation unit and a 22,000 BPSD hydrodesulfurization unit.
This clean fuels project will include a new plant comprising a third 25,000 barrels per day (bpd) gas oil (heating oil) hydrotreating unit, a 20,000 bpd motor gasoline (mogas) hydrodesulfurization unit, and a 40 million standard cubic feet per day hydrogen manufacturing unit.
5 million hydrodesulfurization (HDS) complex that, once installed, is expected to lower its annual oil procurement costs by approximately $10 million per year.