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HDSHitachi Data Systems
HDSHarvard Divinity School
HDSHonda Diagnostic System
HDSHydrodesulfurization (petroleum industry)
HDSHistory Data Service
HDSHéroes del Silencio (rock group)
HDSHistorical Diving Society
HDSHigh Definition Systems
HDSHigh Definition Sound
HDSHolographic Data Storage
HDSHamilton Depression Scale
HDSHitachi Data Systems Solutions
HDSHazardous Devices School
HDSHarry Dean Stanton (actor)
HDSHistorical Data Server (Cisco)
HDSHarvard Design School
HDSHighly Dispersible Silica
HDSHardware Design Specification
HDSHierarchic Dementia Scale
HDSHydrostatic Design Stress
HDSHybrid Dynamical System
HDSHis Divine Shadow (LEXX series TV)
HDSHachette Distribution Service (Lagardère SA)
HDSHealth and Diet Survey
HDSHarbor Day School (Corona del Mar, CA)
HDSHardware Diagnostic Suite
HDSHard Disk Subsystem
HDSHalon Distribution System
HDSHybrid Dynamic Simulator
HDSHierarchical Design System
HDSHybrid Decision Support
HDSHuman Designed Systems, Incorporated
HDSHigh Day Service Hour
HDSHeteroschedastic Database System
HDSHome Digital Solutions (various companies)
HDSHead of Defence Sales (UK Ministry of Defence; now Head of Defence Export Sales)
HDSHigh Frequency Directional Finding Subsystem
HDSHigh-Speed Digital Switch
HDSHartley Data Service, Inc. (Glenview, IL)
HDSHousing Dining Services (various schools)
HDSHigh Definition Scanning (3-dimensional laser scanning)
HDSHerbal Dietary Supplement
HDSHead of Democratic Services (UK)
HDSHelp Desk Support (information technology)
HDSHealth Delivery System (various organizations)
HDSHalf Day Sightseeing (tours)
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Royal Dutch Shell PLC (Shell) (NYSE:RDS) (LSE:RDSA) (LSE:RDSB) is planning to construct a new hydrodesulfurization plant at its 400,000 barrel a day Pernis refinery in the Netherlands.
Scientists have tried to improve hydrodesulfurization, or HDS, but have made no progress.
for a new hydrodesulfurization (HDS) plant at Shell's refinery, in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
Getting it to 50 or below presents a challenge using conventional hydrodesulfurization technologies.
Much of Kalundborg's "industrial metabolism" rests on the physical proximity of plants that are compatible in terms of their material flows, plus a few well-established and widespread industrial practices, including the cogeneration of electricity and heat, the hydrodesulfurization of gas, the heating of greenhouses from excess power-plant heat, and the use of standard transportation and purification technologies.
In the conventional approach of hydrodesulfurization (HDS) to remove sulfur as [H.
To rid petroleum products of noxious sulfur, most refineries use a method called hydrodesulfurization.