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According to Kesgin [3], TOC, S2, hydrogen index (HI), kerogen type, [T.sub.max] and vitrinite reflectance (Ro) values of the Kucukkuyu Formation show that the formation had source rock potential.
El-Nakheil oil shale shows high hydrogen index HI (S2/TOC) of 608 as determined by Rock-Eval pyrolysis.
Based on tests with a large set of samples, oil yield, TOC content, semi-coke content, gas loss, bulk density, pyrolysis value [S.sub.2] and calculated hydrogen index (HI) have been analyzed to attempt establishing new evaluation parameters for determining the industrial grade of oil shale.
The TOC content, pyrolysis value [S.sub.2] and calculated hydrogen index (HI) show an excellent correlation with oil yield and variations are discussed in respect to kerogen quality.
Systematic analysis of oil shale and mudstone samples from the Songliao and Huadian basins shows a strong positive correlation to exist between oil yield and TOC content, Rock Eval pyrolysis peak [S.sub.2], calculated hydrogen index (HI) and gas loss rate.
Hydrogen index (HI) depends on the ratio of [S.sub.2] to TOC and reflects the potential of oil shale and mudstone for hydrocarbons generation by pyrolysis.
The Rock-Eval method estimates the amount of pyrolyzate (mg HC/g rock) that will be released from kerogen during gradual heating in a He stream, and normalized to the TOC content gives the hydrogen index (HI).
The important parameters for the method are the transformation ratio of hydrocarbon generated from organic matter, the original hydrogen index, the original total organic carbon, and the organopore correction coefficient.
where [I.sub.H0] is the original hydrogen index value (mg/g), [I.sub.H] is the residual hydrogen index value (mg/g), [F.sub.0] is the transformation ratio of oil generation (%), [B.sub.0] is the content of native asphalt in source rocks (non-thermally decomposed from kerogen, mg), B is the residue oil content calculated from chloroform "A" or the hydrocarbon index by light and heavy hydrocarbon compensation, respectively (mg), and [F.sub.g] is the transformation ratio of gas generation (%).
Using the transformation ratio of hydrocarbon generated from organic matter, the original hydrogen index, the original total organic carbon, and the organopore correction coefficient of the Py1 well Longmaxi Shale in southeast Chongqing (Figures 4, 5, and 6), the organoporosity was calculated.
Original Hydrogen Index and Original Total Organic Carbon.
The original hydrogen index value was calculated using the following formula (Formula (3)) [33]: