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HYLHamden Youth Lacrosse (Hamden, CT)
HYLHyland Hall (University of Scranton)
HYLHigh Yield Indication List (roentgenology)
HYLHelena Youth League (Helena, AL)
HYLHardcore Youth Legion
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Notes: Pre-Bid tours will be held on October 7, 2015, promptly at 1:00 PM Meet at Timmerman Auditorium(HH1000) in Hyland Hall, 809 W.
Hyland Hall, which houses the College of Business and Economics, each floor offers two fully accessible unisex bathrooms, which translates not only to comfortable space but floor drains to flush urine bags, a common necessity for wheelchair students.
As a result, they scattered the accessible seats so any student at Hyland Hall may choose to sit with friends in the front row, the back row, the middle or in-between.