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HVHigh Voltage
HVHauptversammlung (German: General Meeting)
HVHome Video
HVHigh Value
HVHigh Vacuum
HVVickers Hardness
HVHash Value (programming)
HVHollywood Video (video store)
HVHealth Visiting (nursing)
HVHoliday Valley (Ellicotville, NY ski resort)
HVHandelsvertreter (German: sales agent)
HVHydroxyvalerate (chemical compound)
HVHand Valve
HVHrvatska Vojska (Croatian Army)
HVHevosvoima (Finish: horsepower)
HVHorizontal Transmit, Vertical Receive (polarization)
HVHall Voltage
HVHematocrit Value
HVHabitual Violator (law enforcement)
HVHyvä Veli (Finnish: Dear Brother)
HVTransavia Airlines CV (code for Dutch airline)
HVHeat of Vaporation (also seen as HVap)
HVHercules Victor (Latin: Hercules the Winner, epigraphy)
HVHonestus Vir (Latin: Virtuous Man, epigraphy)
HVHarmonic Vocoder
HVHunter Vehicle
HVHora Quinta (Latin: Fifth Hour, epigraphy)
HVHeating and Ventilation Unit
HVHuis Visser
HVHudson Valley
HVHarper Valley
HVHeavy Vehicle
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It was mainly standard velocity, of course (this was not a hunting rig), but there was high-velocity and even hyper-velocity stuff as well.
Can't remember who did it first, but I seem to recall it in conjunction with CCI Stingers--the granddaddy of all hyper-velocity .
With the exception of the hyper-velocity Winchester 26-grain tin bullet ammo, everything I ran through the pistol's 4.
While this system works well for standard loads, hyper-velocity ammo (such as the truncated-cone Remington Viper I shot through it) can actually dislodge the slide from the fingers connecting it to the recoil spring, as well as the grip panel holding the whole shebang in place.
No, we don't gain much from hyper-velocity lead-shot loads.
The hyper-velocity trend started for two reasons, steel and the demise of the old "drams equivalent" rating for shotshell velocity.
In this day of hyper-velocity monster magnums, it is reassuring to see the revival of this traditional game cartridge, especially in a top-notch modem rifle.
Marlin recommends using high velocity loads, but not hyper-velocity brands.
In a couple of shooting sessions at Angeles Shooting Ranges we found this pistol to be extremely reliable with a wide range of standard, high-velocity and hyper-velocity .
As a comparison, hyper-velocity Long Rifle cartridges like the 32-grain CCI Stinger at 1,640 fps, the 33-grain Remington Yellow Jacket at 1,500 fps, and the 30-grain Aguila Super Maximum at 1,750 fps offer flatter trajectories--but not usefully flatter at 50 yards.
22 Long Rifle ammunition in the field test which included Eley, Remington, Winchester and CCI Match ammunition, as well as some Stinger and Yellow Jacket hyper-velocity cartridges.
The pistol was fired with both high-speed and hyper-velocity ammunition, including hollow points, with nary a failure to feed or fire.