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HVHigh Voltage
HVHauptversammlung (German: General Meeting)
HVHome Video
HVHigh Value
HVHigh Vacuum
HVVickers Hardness
HVHash Value (programming)
HVHollywood Video (video store)
HVHealth Visiting (nursing)
HVHoliday Valley (Ellicotville, NY ski resort)
HVHandelsvertreter (German: sales agent)
HVHydroxyvalerate (chemical compound)
HVHand Valve
HVHrvatska Vojska (Croatian Army)
HVHevosvoima (Finish: horsepower)
HVHorizontal Transmit, Vertical Receive (polarization)
HVHall Voltage
HVHematocrit Value
HVHabitual Violator (law enforcement)
HVHyvä Veli (Finnish: Dear Brother)
HVTransavia Airlines CV (code for Dutch airline)
HVHeat of Vaporation (also seen as HVap)
HVHercules Victor (Latin: Hercules the Winner, epigraphy)
HVHonestus Vir (Latin: Virtuous Man, epigraphy)
HVHarmonic Vocoder
HVHunter Vehicle
HVHora Quinta (Latin: Fifth Hour, epigraphy)
HVHeating and Ventilation Unit
HVHuis Visser
HVHudson Valley
HVHarper Valley
HVHeavy Vehicle
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It was mainly standard velocity, of course (this was not a hunting rig), but there was high-velocity and even hyper-velocity stuff as well.
With the exception of the hyper-velocity Winchester 26-grain tin bullet ammo, everything I ran through the pistol's 4.
After the change, each pistol was shot with 50 rounds of hyper-velocity ammo.
Experts in gunshot wounds will tell you that a hyper-velocity .
It can be pushed at speeds ranging from a subsonic 900 fps to a hyper-velocity 1,700.
Clearly the 1:16 rifling in the cold-hammer-forged barrel of the Varmint Evolution wasn't fond of ultra-light hyper-velocity ammo.
22 LR loads tested was turned in by plain old Winchester Super X 40-grain hollowpoints and Remington's hyper-velocity 33-grain Yellow Jacket loads.
22 only misfed with hyper-velocity ammo, which the packaging tells you not to use.
Taking Ruger at its word, I put the little pistol to work with a half-dozen different varieties of ammo, ranging from standard velocity 40-grain to high-velocity 36-grain hollowpoints to hyper-velocity light-bullet loads.
There's also a brand new hyper-velocity 440 COR-BON which launches .