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HSHigh School
HSHuman Services
HsSignificant wave height
HSHome School
HSHeat Shock (cells)
HSHigh Speed
HSHead Start
HSHot Spot
HSHealth and Safety
HSHoly Spirit
HSHomeland Security
HSHoward Stern (radio personality)
HSHaus (German: House)
HSHarmonized System
HSHome Study (adoptions)
HSHeat Sink (electronics)
HSHigh Score
HSHigh Standard
HSHeadshot (gaming)
HSHomer Simpson (The Simpsons)
HSHenschel (aircraft; Henschel Flugwerke AG; Germany)
HSHerpes Simplex (skin disease)
HSHazardous Substance
HSOuter Hebrides (postcode, United Kingdom)
HSHome Station
HSHot Sauce
HSHuman Serum
HSHispano-Suiza (former car manufacturer)
HSHeparan Sulfate
HSHydrogen Sulfide
HSHorse Shoe
HSHassium (element 108)
HSHigher Secondary
HSHan Solo (Star Wars character)
HSHelicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1951 to present)
HSHyperSpace (game)
HSHeat Source
HSHostServ (IRC)
HSHelpServ (IRC)
HSHead Shot (gaming)
HSHors Service (French: Out of Service)
HSHermetically Sealed
HSHelter Skelter (Beatles song)
HSHamilton Sundstrand (company)
HSHot Standby (server connectivity)
HSHalf Step (Gunz the Duel video game)
HSHereditary Spherocytosis
HSHyperStudio (multimedia authoring software)
HSHeart Sounds
HSHour of Sleep
HSHollywood Squares (TV game show)
HSHomo Sapien
HSHead & Shoulders (shampoo)
HSHollands Spoor (railway station; The Hague, Netherlands)
HSHebrew Scriptures (Old Testament)
HSHockey Skates
HSHighway Service (Canada Post)
HSHand Stamp (philately; a cancel mark)
HSHeat Sensor
HSHealth Services Technician
HSHeel Strike (ergonomics)
HSHannah Spearritt (musician)
HSHabitat Suitability (biology)
HSHorn Strobe (fire alarms)
HSHorizontal Scale
HSHand Switch (industrial control description)
HSHemorrhagic Septicemia (pasteurellosis)
HSHora Somni (Latin: At Bedtime or Just Before Sleep)
HSHeadquarters and Service
HSHeadline Sports (television)
HSHypothetical Syllogism
HSHeadphones Stereo (Sony Walkman)
HSHouse Surgeon
HSHard Severe (rock climbing grade)
HSHarmonized Standard
HSHistiocyte Society
HSHypnotherapy Society
HSHollywood Scriptwriter (magazine)
HSHair Spring
HSHernial Sac
HSHic Situs (Latin: Here Is Laid)
HSHaemophilia Society (UK)
HSHorizon Sensor (aviation)
HSHarlem Shake (dance)
HSHeart Sense (game; University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA)
HSHorizontal Slope
HSHrvatski Samokres (Croatian pistol brand)
HSHardness Surveillance
HSHydrofoil Ship
HSHalf Subtractor
HSHarmonic Sampling (communication systems)
HSHawaiian Star (newspaper)
HSHamish Sinclair
HSHartford & Slocomb Railroad Company
HSHighseekers (gaming clan)
HSHydraulic Fluid, Starboard, Ship Service
HSHe-3 Storage (helium)
HSHippocampus Sclerosis (neuropathology) Hippocampus Sclerosis (neuropathology)
HSHope Solo (soccer player)
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Software MacKiev is a leading developer and publisher of award-winning consumer and educational software, including Kid Pix, HyperStudio, The Print Shop for Mac, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, ClueFinders, Edmark Thinkin' Things, three Dr.
Students may choose from software choices available to them for presenting their finished products (PowerPoint, HyperStudio, Microsoft Word, Internet, etc.
Miles demonstrated the linear storyboarding feature of HyperStudio.
Educators can create Simple STAs, Single-Frame STAs, Alternate-Ending STAs and Multiple-Frame STAs with multimedia software such as PowerPoint, HyperStudio, Digital Chisel, and so forth.
mPower is a terrific presentation tool, along the lines of Knowledge Adventure's Hyperstudio and Microsoft's Powerpoint.
They looked forward to working on the computer and brought in pictures they could scan into their HyperStudio stack.
The groups used the information they had gathered about simple machines and the work they had done building their project to make stacks with HyperStudio software (Roger Wagner Publishing Co.
HyperStudio is a cool computer game for both kids and adults.
0, HyperStudio, Kai's PowerShow and Macromedia Freehand, Standerfer said.
The combination of Web Studio, itself a two time Codie Award Finalist, and HyperStudio, enables HyperStudio users to easily share their stacks on the web as part of their website.
Software MacKiev is a leading developer and publisher of award-winning consumer and educational software, including The Print Shop for Mac, Kid Pix Deluxe 3D, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, Roger Wagner's HyperStudio, World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia, 3D Weather Globe(TM) & Atlas, and the ClueFinders Adventures series.
They define the various media components that are available for multimedia and detail the basics of Hyperstudio, Flash, HTML, and PowerPoint.