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Finally, the need for proto-typing (see Nanard and Nanard in this issue) and intensive testing with users is even more pronounced in hypermedia development than it is with traditional software, because user tolerance to errors in hypermedia applications is very low.
It builds upon our experience in developing LIRMM's MacWeb(2) hypermedia development environment [14-16].
Integrating techniques such as prototyping, conceptualizing, and instantiating could prove a daunting task for builders of hypermedia development environments, depending on the current level of support.
Because most hypermedia development takes place on personal computers which are connected to WANS via modems, high-speed WANS like the NREN are going to be only a partial solution to the speed problem.
The Dexter-based hypermedia development in the DeVise project at Aarhus University was the foundation for this work, which has lead to clarifications and extensions to the Dexter model.
An object-oriented database (OODB) [2, 12] based on MBS is being developed in parallel with our hypermedia development. It is a general-purpose OODB--that is, the facilities work for any type of object independent of the application domain.
Among these modes the hypermedia development mainly focuses on supporting implicit and asynchronous cooperation on shared materials.