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HFMDHand, Foot and Mouth Disease (viral illness)
HFMDHierarchical Full-Map Directory (computing)
HFMDHypertrophic Feline Muscular Dystrophy (cat hereditary disorder)
HFMDHigh Frequency Motion Detector
HFMDHellmann-Feynman Mol-Dynamics
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Dystrophin-deficient hypertrophic feline muscular dystrophy (HFMD) is characterized by early disease onset and continuous muscle fiber regeneration in the absence of significant inflammatory infiltration or proliferation of connective or adipose tissue.
Abbreviations BMD: Becker muscular dystrophy CCL: Beta-chemokine CXCL: Alpha-chemokine DMD: Duchenne muscular dystrophy GRMD: Golden retriever muscular dystrophy HFMD: Hypertrophic feline muscular dystrophy IIM: Idiopathic inflammatory myopathies IFN: Interferon IL: Interleukin TGF: Transforming growth factor TNF: Tumor necrosis factor.
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