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HVHigh Voltage
HVHauptversammlung (German: General Meeting)
HVHome Video
HVHigh Value
HVHigh Vacuum
HVVickers Hardness
HVHash Value (programming)
HVHollywood Video (video store)
HVHealth Visiting (nursing)
HVHoliday Valley (Ellicotville, NY ski resort)
HVHandelsvertreter (German: sales agent)
HVHydroxyvalerate (chemical compound)
HVHand Valve
HVHrvatska Vojska (Croatian Army)
HVHevosvoima (Finish: horsepower)
HVHorizontal Transmit, Vertical Receive (polarization)
HVHall Voltage
HVHematocrit Value
HVHabitual Violator (law enforcement)
HVHyvä Veli (Finnish: Dear Brother)
HVTransavia Airlines CV (code for Dutch airline)
HVHeat of Vaporation (also seen as HVap)
HVHercules Victor (Latin: Hercules the Winner, epigraphy)
HVHonestus Vir (Latin: Virtuous Man, epigraphy)
HVHarmonic Vocoder
HVHunter Vehicle
HVHora Quinta (Latin: Fifth Hour, epigraphy)
HVHeating and Ventilation Unit
HVHuis Visser
HVHudson Valley
HVHarper Valley
HVHeavy Vehicle
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Congatec said acquiring established hypervisor technology that matches the IIoT and industry 4.
The Mentor Embedded Multicore Framework (MEMF) allows developers to configure and deploy multiple operating systems across heterogeneous Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC processors with or without a hypervisor.
The KVM hypervisors is expected to grow at the highest rate in the global hyper-converged infrastructure market during the forecast period.
By working with Bitdefender, Citrix XenServer has become the first commercial hypervisor with virtual machine introspection, enabling customers to easily detect and block sophisticated security threats at the hypervisor level," said Marc Trouard-Riolle of Core Infrastructure at Citrix.
While there are currently a number of virtualization technologies available today, the virtualization technique of choice for most open platforms over the past 5 years has naturally been the Xen hypervisor (Barham, B.
Through integrated financial analytics, vCommander helps quantify the costs of operating the current virtual infrastructure, and then performs comparative assessments and recommendations across alternative hypervisor and cloud platforms.
Due to the VMs being constantly switched in and out of operation by the hypervisor, it is not possible to accurately monitor and analyze the performance by a single VM at a time.
In the past 18 months, Microsoft has not only been improving the functionality of its VMware-competing hypervisor, but it is also making a big marketing push to get the software into enterprise data centres where VMware has dominated.
Davis also predicts that emerging capabilities in hypervisor technology
Where the hypervisor added software portability in the software domain ioV will do the same for the infrastructure domain.
Wright: We did embark on a project to manage a pool of other hypervisors, but what stopped us was that there weren't many people running different hypervisor environments.
We can guarantee the integrity of the underlying hypervisor by protecting it from being compromised by any malware downloaded by an individual user," Jiang said.