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Again, the compound with higher crosslinking density (N) and Young's modulus with improved hysteresis loss (TP2) has attained higher hardness properties whilst TP4 showed the least.
First, with respect to magnetic hysteresis losses, the amount of heat generated, [P.sub.h], for a unit volume of magnetic nanoparticles per unit time is derived as follows:
Compared with the bulk density, the hysteresis loss, hardness, and tensile strength showed a similar dependence on the four input factors, as shown in Fig.
Specific losses of soft ferromagnetic materials include hysteresis losses, eddy losses and excess losses.
where [k.sub.h] is hysteresis loss coefficient, f is actual core flux frequency, [B.sub.i] is the long axis flux density, [B.sub.j] is the short axis flux density, [k.sub.e] is eddy current loss coefficient, [k.sub.ex] is additional loss coefficient, and [T.sub.ex] is flux density cycle.
The loss density curve provided by the material manufacturer is shown in Figure 4 and using the relation derived in [20], the estimated loss densities of the used laminated material are found to be 1.08 W/kg for eddy current loss and 2.17W/kg for hysteresis loss at 60 Hz and 1.5 T.
where [k.sub.h] is hysteresis loss coefficient, [k.sub.c] is eddy currents loss coefficient, [k.sub.e] is supplement eddy core loss coefficient.
The variation of hysteresis loss of individual layers of a 0-20-40-60-80-100 (the numbers show the phr values of the CB and the sequence shows the stacking order of the layers) FGPC present at different distances along the sheet thickness is shown in Fig.
As discussed above, to improve hysteresis loss, ferromagnetic nanoparticles with an anisotropy field ([H.sub.k] = 2K/([[mu].sub.0][M.sub.s])) matching the amplitude [H.sub.ac] of the AC magnetic field generated in the oscillator of realistic medical equipment need to be synthesized.
High strain hysteresis loss at 200% deformation was determined on tensile dumbbells (ASTM D 412-98, Die-C) and the hysteresis loss ratio (HLR) is defined as
This hysteresis loss is due to an interfiber friction and viscoelastic nature of the fibers within the fabrics.
15 and 16) can be reduced with a decrease in the hysteresis loss that occurs while rolling the automobile tire.