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ILYKI'll Let You Know
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References in classic literature ?
"Next time I hear of a really good thing I'll let you know," said the stockbroker.
"I'll let you know mighty quick whether I means it or not!
"I've got credit in this valley, I'll let you know," he replied.
"Well, I'll let you know what I think when I have seen more," said McMurdo carelessly.
'I'll let you know I am, before I've done with you,' replied the indignant officer.
I'll let you know, if you don't bring smelling-salts, cold water, and vinegar, quick, I will."
"I'll make it my business to find out," Edna assured her; "and I'll let you know inside forty-eight hours."
"Well, au revoir; I'll let you know about it later."
I'll let you know how it goes with our test pistol later.
We remind leaders that there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying, "Yes," "No," "Maybe," "I don't know" or "I'll let you know." Or saying nothing.
As for the little matter of marriage, Mirkarimi said, "I'll let you know."
I'll let you know when I'm next covering a game so you can hear how I perform!