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But Audrey finally falls sobbing into Richard's arms, saying: "Please help me, I'm losing my mind - but not a word to Gail."
While they're losing the game, I'm losing my mind. With 13 more games to play, I'm already a basket case."
I'm losing my mind," Hardie was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald as saying.
The raid came after the troubled star admitted this week: "I'm losing my mind."
I FEEL as if I'm losing my mind but the doctor has told me I wouldn't even know if this happens.
I then decide to order some CDs for my dad, just to take my mind off the fact that I'm losing my mind.
The raid came after the wild actor worryingly admitted earlier this week: "I'm losing my mind."
QI FEEL like I'm losing my mind. I can't stop yelling and shouting at my children for the slightest of things.
I FEEL I'm losing my mind. I had a terrible childhood where I was beaten almost daily and I often have flashbacks which make me feel sick and withdrawn.
RITA broke down in Coronation Street last night, clapped her hands over her ears and wailed: "I'm losing my mind!"