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I'm still going to release the music, but first and foremost, for everybody that loves me and cares about me, I just want to let y'all know that I'm okay," he said.
I woke up a bit stiff this morning, and I'm feeling a bit battered and bruised, but otherwise I'm okay," he said.
When asked whether he had any issues which had put him in this reluctant mood but he replied: "No, I'm okay.
She said: "Theatre studies was lower than I expected but I'm okay for my place at Birmingham University to study music and English.
Asking if he was the patient, the caller finished the call by saying: "I'm okay love, I'm okay thanks," before hanging up.
I'm okay, I get on with it because that is where we are.
He said: "I'm feeling a bit tired and a bit sore but apart from that I'm okay, it's nothing serious.
It's more about convincing my mind I'm okay - and that I want to train and want to race.
I came banging into the building, and I can literally feel the fear emanating from the crew, and I'm like 'No, No, I'm okay, I'm okay," he stated.
I can't thank the doctors and staff up in Liverpool enough, the doctor who did the operation performed fantastic surgery on me and put me in the position where I'm okay to be operated on again tomorrow.
But I'm okay if there are a few breaks in the game.
It's not often something happens in sport which makes you gasp for breath but, on Tuesday night in the Racing Post Juvenile Championships at Wimbledon, I'm Okay won so convincingly that the 25-1 offered after the race by the tote to win the Greyhound Der by at the same price deserved more than a second look.