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Sorry, but I'm only human,' Lopez said in an email to the Inquirer.
I'm only human, I know I've got faults, But when you say that I'm a control freak, You're somehow using mental somersaults To get away with what you did last week.
In an interview with a national newspaper, Miss Hutchings is reported to have said: "I've done wrong but I'm only human the same as everyone else.
He will fight every inch of the way and I'm only human, I'm not a machine, there's always the possibility of a bad day.
People assume I don't drink but I'm only human and I can get p***d and have hangovers, like everybody else" - Victoria Beckham.
The first three days are cracked (well, I've put the Bumper to one side for now, I'm only human - and 'cracked' may slightly overstate the confidence of my selections for the other 18 races too).
But yesterday he admitted: "I proved I could go 64 days without sex but naturally I missed it - I'm only human.
I can't do it for them, I'm just as eager as they are, I'm only human and I drop catches and make mistakes as well.
What I have done is disgusting and I'm so ashamed, but I'm only human," Collymore, 33, said.
I'm only human and I can only hope I'm given the chance to rebuild my life and career
I'm only human and I would like to apologize to everyone involved.
I left it a few days because you have to remember that I'm only human and sometimes it's hard to face the truth.