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IHTFPI Have Truly Found Paradise
IHTFPInteresting Hacks to Fascinate People
IHTFPInteresting Hacks to Fascinate People (MIT)
IHTFPInstitute Has The Finest Professors (from MIT)
IHTFPI Help Tutor Freshman Physics
IHTFPIt's Hard to Fondle Penguins (MIT)
IHTFPInstitute Historian TF Peterson (humor)
IHTFPI Hope to Find Peace
IHTFPI Have the First Phrase
IHTFPI Hate This Freakin' Place (polite form)
IHTFPI Have to Forever Pay
IHTFPI Hate Taking Freshman Physics
IHTFPI Help To Forward Packets
IHTFPI'm Here to Fly Planes (USAF Academy)
IHTFPInstitute of Hacks, Tomfoolery and Pranks (MIT)
IHTFPI Hope There's a Friday Parade (US Naval Academy)