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IKI Know
IKIndigenous Knowledge
IKInverse Kinematics (rule of physics)
IKIdrottsklubb (Sweden)
IKInterstitial Keratitis (corneal scarring)
IKInstallation Kit
IKIsrael Kamakawiwo'ole (musician)
IKImmortal King (gaming)
IKInstant Kill (game)
IKInvisible Kid (movie; Metallica song)
IKIlmkreis (Administrative District in Germany)
IKDelayed Rectifier Potassium Current
IKIt Knits (knitting website)
IKIdiot King
IKInstrument Kernel
IKIm Kirchendienst
IKIppatu Kikimusume (anime)
References in classic literature ?
Well, I know what I's gwyne to do: I's gwyne to set down here and listen tell I hears it agin.
I know ten acres of land he bought last year,--a thousan' an acre they asked'm, an' he never batted an eye.
An' the only answer I know is that we ain't got the sabe.
You cannot mention any ailment but she says, shaking her head, `Ah, I know too well what that is' -- and then you get all the details.
I knows you is tryin' to make better men an' better women for de coloured race.