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At the same time, the I Tatti Renaissance Library launched a new subseries dedicated to the history of the book, with Wilson's edition serving as a fitting initial volume.
Esta Historia populi Florentini surge na presente edicao da I Tatti Renaissance Library disposta em tres volumes.
There is no need to make a case for the Commentaries of Pope Pius II (1405-64) as part of The I Tatti Renaissance Library.
In short, these two volumes join the sixty that have already appeared in the I Tatti Renaissance Library, where Neo-Latin works that should be better known and more easily accessible are presented with facing-page translations and the minimal notes necessary for an informed first reading of the text.
The I Tatti Renaissance Library, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, London, England, 2003.
The series in which the Icon appears, Bibliotheca Latinitatis novae, is not producing volumes at nearly the rate of, say, The I Tatti Renaissance Library, but I wish we could see more books from them.
Like other volumes in The I Tatti Renaissance Library series, this presentation is structured with facing pages displaying the original Latin text and the readable English translation.
Similar thanks goes the editors and sponsors of the I Tatti Renaissance Library series.
The last two volumes to be published in the I Tatti Renaissance Library are unusually hefty tomes, containing important works in the Neo-Latin canon accompanied by an English translation and extensive annotation, more than enough for an intelligent first reading of the text.
Like others in the I Tatti Renaissance Library series, this volume presents a translation from Latin of a major work of the Italian Renaissance.
Nessa introducao da-se conta, atraves de constantes remissoes para os seus Hendecassyllabi, dos dados principais da biografia de Pontano, dos circulos humanistas em que ele se movia e da especial recepcao de Catulo tao caracteristica destes carmina e ja tao superiormente analisada por Julia Haig Gaisser que integra, refira-se, o conselho editorial da I Tatti Renaissance Library.
Allen and James Hankins have brought their six-volume edition and English translation of Marsilio Ficino's Platonic Theology to a close with the issuance of these two volumes, which are, again, fine additions to the I Tatti Renaissance Library.