I-ACERTInformation Security Awareness Certification
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The I-ACERT program is a testing resource for the rest of us-non-technical individuals who use a computer and network every day to get the job done.
To gain I-ACERT certification for the organization, 90 percent of its computer users must take the test and 85 percent must pass the test with a score of 2.
The I-ACERT program is an efficient, effective way for organizations to mitigate risks associated with computer intrusions by base-lining information security awareness and assuring that all employees using computers on the job use a common set of best practices.
The ITAA I-ACERT program measures computer user awareness in eight areas deemed critical to a sound understanding of computer security best practices.
For information on ITAA's industry-leading information security programs and policy, including the I-ACERT program, visit www.
The I-ACERT certification is an excellent way to bring this awareness to an organization.
The willingness of Veridian to be an early adopter of the I-ACERT program speaks volumes about the commitment of this firm to raising information security awareness," said ITAA President Harris N.