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I-BEAMIndoor Air Quality Building Education and Assessment Model (EPA)
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They studied the composite behavior of the HFRP I-beam and ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) topping slab, noting "UHPFRC has high ductility in both tension and compression due to the crack-bridging effect of the high strength steel fibers included in UHPFRC.
I-beam is usually floor supported if the wall-to-wall span is more than 40 ft.
Relatively few bats (n = 61) were observed roosting in I-beam bridges during daylight hours.
To make your shelter more stable, put a standard scissor car jack under the center of the I-beam.
Included in the price is a custom rigged 1995 Carolina skiff with a 90hp Honda outboard, and a twin I-beam comm.
Slowly filing out of the I-Beam into the streets of downtown Moorhead, the fantastic queen drove west on Central Avenue in her Ford F-150 pickup truck towards the state line while the A&F posse smoked cigarettes in the parking lot and spoke of an after-hours party in West Fargo.
The four and six-seat electric carts are proportionally identical to the HUMMER H1, H2 and H3 models, and all boast custom-built HUMMER Chrome wheels and a rugged aluminium I-beam chassis.
CARS automates the asset recovery process using the CARS I-BEAM (Internet Based Electronic Asset Management) Web portal, which is available at www.
If we bend two pieces of steel as we bent the paper and fit them back to back, we create a special design called an I-beam.
This large-capacity walk-in batch oven features 4" insulated walls throughout, an aluminized steel interior and exterior, three independent doors for workspace access on the front of the oven, standard double doors on the rear of the oven, a 2" insulated floor with three pairs of built-in truck wheel guide tracks and integral 6" I-beam supports to raise the oven above the factory floor level.
Carriages can be placed on either a standard I-beam IPE 300 or specially machined I-beam.