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I-DriveInternational Drive (Orlando, Florida)
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The free I-Drive 360 tickets will be valid right up until June 30, 2016, and guests can visit each of the three attractions once.
For long and/or sinuous belt runs the I-Drive proves especially effective.
The I-Drive developed by BMW and operated from one central rotary control boasts more than 700 different pages of information on its menu - and that is indicative not only of its complexity but also how complicated it can be.
After two days with the 730d I was just about beginning to be able to work around the I-Drive. No matter what the car's qualities are in terms of brilliance in the engineering department I found it definitely off-putting that I could not get to grips with everything it could do and therefore felt as if it were the vehicle, and not the driver, who was in control.
The BMW 7 series, with its revolutionary and controverisal I-Drive, now has a 6 cylinder diesel (above) and V12 petrol engine in its range
I-drive also features the Filo Web Clipping Tool, which lets you store an unlimited number of "clipped" Web pages, images, files, and links (such as e-commerce receipts, travel confirmation, and research).
There have been changes inside too and yes, BMW's i-Drive system is now somewhat more logical and easier to use.
BMW has managed to sort out i-Drive by installing more buttons though I do find the idea of more buttons making something easier to use somewhat ironic.
Nevertheless, i-Drive should no longer prove to be a stick with which to beat BMW although I personally never had a problem using the existing i-Drive system in the first place.