I-HITSInitial - Homestation Instrumentation Training System (US Army)
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The same effect was possible from live to virtual because the virtual units could see the I-HITS instrumented OPFOR and the CCTT controllers would create virtual enemy icons that could continue the attack beyond the live training area and into the virtual maneuver space.
The I-HITS configuration delivered to Camp Casey supports force-on-force engagement training for the U.
They were particularly impressed that they could setup and dismantle the system with an hour," said Randy Hoyt, Cubic's I-HITS program manager.
With I-HITS, troops receive the 'ground truth' of the exercise -- objective measurements of the players' performance -- to ensure a high-degree of combat readiness, at any training site.
The next customers to receive I-HITS include Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, in Fall 2006, and Slovakia in Fall 2007.
Army has selected Cubic's I-HITS solution as the system of choice for homestation and deployment training," said Ray Barker, senior vice president of Cubic's Training Systems Business Unit.
I-HITS comes packaged with player instrumentation, GPS player units and portable communications systems that are fully integrated with a software-based exercise control system.
I-HITS also includes interfaces with C4ISR systems, including Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade-and-Below (FBCB2) and also easily accommodates future and emerging weapon and communication systems.
Army's first deployment of Cubic's I-HITS will be in the Alaska Training Range arena, where it will be integrated with Cubic's Air Combat Maneuver Instrumentation system.
The I-HITS Alaska fielding will expand force-on-force training for the Army and enhance combat search-and-rescue exercises for the Air Force.
Elsewhere, I-HITS can augment pre-Combat Training Center exercises at any homestation, mobilization station and forward-deployed area of operations.
I-HITS also features portable communications systems and GPS-based player units that are fully integrated with the MILES 2000 laser-based training system.