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I-HSPAInternet-High Speed Packet Access
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Implementing Flexi Multiradio Base Stations that are capable of supporting WCDMA, HSPA/HSPA+ and LTE via a simple software upgrade; Zain Bahrain will be in a position to launch I-HSPA functionality within the year.
I-HSPA solution also shortens the network latency rates to 45ms enabling quicker response times and enhances the overall user experience availability of data services.
He said Zain Bahrain customers will find a dramatic improvement in accessing the Internet with speeds of up to 14Mbps in the first stage with I-HSPA, and even higher speeds in the second stage with LTE.
I-HSPA can be an initial step in implementing a flat, cost effective all-IP network that is compatible with all legacy HSPA devices and provides an evolution to LTE with just a software upgrade.
This will be Nokia Siemens Networks' first commercial I-HSPA network deployment, a significant milestone for a standardized technology for which Nokia Siemens Networks has been a pioneer.