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The IMA i-NET System concept includes hardware, software, some procedures, many different communication alternatives and remote support services.
The I-net has never been built, and the bargain prices never materialized--rates began at nearly double the promised level.
The facility is part of New York City's high speed, SONET-based Institutional Network system (I-Net).
Walter Schmi CPA, (walts@dorsai.org) has written articles on the practical use of hardware, software, and the I-Net, and is recognized by his peers as an authority on how businesses can benefit from using the WEB.
All that eventually led to a position with I-Net, a company that principally laid cable for government agencies.
The main channel, I-NET, is available to all the Latin American markets the network serves, and provides an overview of international sports untouched by local cut-ins.
Consequently, perfectly fine words in Spanish such as "Senor" come off the I-net looking like "Senor."
It owns about a third of Internet Alaska, one of the state's largest I-Net access providers.
In Indianapolis, the most critical areas of shortages exist among "entry-level front-line workers," according to Alicia Chadwick of the Indianapolis Network for Employment and Training, or I-NET. Chadwick describes entry-level front-line workers as those "people who earn under $18,000 a year," which typically includes the hotel and leisure field, restaurants, transportation and health and human services.